Self help books

  • Common embarrassing mistakes in English and how to correct them- Rs. 50
  • Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosan: Why we want you to be rich- Rs.50
  • Business communications, making connections in a digital world- Rs. 30
  • The winner’s manual- Rs.30
  • Radhakrishnan Pillai: Corporate Chanakya- Rs.50
  • Lowndes: How to talk to anyone-Rs. 20
  • V. Tucker: Improve your memory, study and reading skills creatively- Rs.20
  •  C. Welton Gaddy: I give you my world-Rs. 30
  • Michael Heath: Leadership-  Rs. 20
  • Rhonda Bryne: Secret(in hindi)- Rs. 20
  • Peter F. Drucker: Innovation and entrepreneurship- Rs. 40
  • Louise L. Hay: You can heal your life- Rs.30
  • Robert Schuller: Success is never ending, Failure is never final- Rs.30
  •  John Maxwell: The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership- Rs. 30
  • Tanushree Podder : You are what you eat- Rs. 30
  • Shiv Khera: You can win- Rs. 40
  • Shiv Khera : You can sell- Rs. 40
  • Stuart Wyatt: The secret laws of management- Rs. 20
  • Swami S: Oh mind, relax please!- Rs. 20
  • David J. Schwartz: The magic of thinking big –Rs. 50
  • Anthony Robbins: Unlimited power- Rs. 40
  • Dr. K.S Joseph: Broaden your perspective in life- Rs. 40
  • Dale Carnegie: How to develop self confidence and influence people by public speaking-  Rs. 40
  • Gita Piramal: Business maharajas- Rs. 40
  • Dale Carnegie: How to win friends and influence people- Rs. 30
  •  Ashok Raj: The life and times of Baba Ramdev- Rs. 40
  • Deepak Chopra: Ageless body, Timeless mind- Rs. 40
  • Stanley Morrison: Chess- A beginner’s guide- Rs. 20
  • Cookbook(Marathi)- Rs. 10
  • Potpourri and fragrant crafts- Rs. 20
  • Learn pencil shading, sketching- Rs. 20
  • Bharat Thakur: Yoga- Rs. 10
  • Chakras for starters- Rs. 20
  • C.P Varkey S.J: Handle with care- Rs. 20
  • Michael Masterson :Automatic wealth-Rs. 50
  • Michael Masterson: Ready, fire, aim- Rs. 50
  • John Gray: Men are from mars, women from Venus- Rs. 40
  • William I. Coleman: Teen Stress- Rs. 30
  • Biman Basu: Joy of Starwatching-Rs. 20
  • Famous Personalities of the world- Rs. 30



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